Leaf copper

Sheet copper is truly unique and very universal material, it can be used as a material for creating a variety of decorative products. If more specifically, then copper is used in the decoration and design of heating radiators, lamps and many other interior elements.

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One of the main advantages of copper is its suppleness to process, so that you can create very beautiful products from it. Moreover, it is worth noting despite the suppleness and lightness of leaf copper is a very durable material.

It should be noted that sheet copper has long been used as roofing material. Copper roof is a very high-quality and durable material, the main difference between this roof is that for more than 30 years it gradually changes its color.

Leaf copper is harmless to the human body and for ecology. As for the purchase of this material, it is currently sold in many construction stores and by the way it has not very high cost, although more than the same galvanized tin. At the end, it is worth saying that copper has very good characteristics, it even kills bacteria.

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