Kitchen repair

The finishing of the kitchen must comply with the performance of repair work by the many requirements. Before proceeding with the repair, you need to carefully plan all its stages. Experts recommend, first of all, to choose a kitchen set, determine the place of the sink, refrigerator, hob, dishwasher. Next, the height of the ceilings is measured, the dimensions of the kitchen furniture are determined. In accordance with the features of the location of each selected element, repairs will be carried out. Before this, it is advisable to create a drawing of the room, note the placement of furniture, appliances, accessories.

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Before starting finishing work, it is worth checking the room for the uneven walls, ceilings and floor. If the floors are very uneven, it will be necessary to perform a cement screed. The walls are leveled to the level, in compliance with the angles between the walls of 90 degrees. If the floor is planned, this must be done before the surface is ready for the finish. Installation of air conditioning or ventilation systems is also performed at this time.

Further, in accordance with the plan, all electrical work is carried out. The sockets are mounted so that they are located in the most convenient way for connecting household appliances, devices, plates, etc. D.

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