Installation of the ceiling Armstrong

Armstrong ceiling is perhaps the simplest and most convenient for installation, unlike its counterparts – plastic and drywall. Buying with its simplicity, Armstrong is most often used in retail and office premises.

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Starting to work, first of all you need to make markings. It is necessary to mark the level of the room horizontally, using the laser level. Depending on the room, aluminum can be used for lack of laser. This is suitable for small rooms, because the maximum length of the aluminum level 2.5 meters.

In order to start directly to the installation of the ceiling, the following work must already be performed – wiring, air flow, and other communications should be carried out.

In order for the flow to look symmetrically, then for this you need to find its center. Measure the sides of the ceiling, and mark them the middle. The opposite middle is connected by the tracer. The intersection of the two lines will be the center.

The center is a conditional place of installation of the suspension, which is attached with dowels. When all suspensions are installed, we proceed to assembly of the frame of the ceiling itself. And only after that we put tiles in the cells, and preferably in clean gloves, so the tile is highly subject to pollution. If you need to replace any tile, then this is performed without violation of the design of the completed frame.

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