Installation of plastic skirting boards

At the final stage of the repair, the skirting board is installed. Plastic models are considered a budget alternative to wooden skirting boards. The advantages of plastic include easy care, a large range of colors and easy installation. You can read about the interior of the house here.

Standard railway 2.5 m, which allows you to determine the amount of material. The competent installation of the plinth is carried out using special accessories: plugs, ends, angles and connecting profiles.

Before installing the clip for fixing the skirting board, it will be necessary to carry out appropriate marking. The location of the clip is marked with a pencil. Dowel is inserted into the drilled hole. Special dowels are selected for drywall walls.

After installing the clip, it is necessary to attach a skirting board. If the panel adjacent unevenly, then in the place of recesses an additional installation of the clip will be required. The strength of fastening at the junction of the ends of the plinth is also enhanced by additional clips.

The length of the skirting board in complex areas is adjusted in place, taking into account the features of the selected corner fittings. Slotting cutting is carried out with a hacksaw, in case the bending of the rail, it is recommended to leave a supply of several millimeters.

The installation of the skirting board is carried out from any side. If the clip does not work on the clip, it is better to replace the problem part. You can not use a hammer, t. to. An incorrectly calculated blow can lead to the split of the baseboard.

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