Installation of metal tiles

When installing metal tiles, waterproofing is first laid. It fits on the rafters themselves and is attached with brackets or stainless nails. Waterproofing also prevents the formation of condensate on the inside of the roof sheet. Its absorbing composition is able to absorb the penetrated moisture, thereby protecting the crate from the formation of mold on it and rotting. The crate is also recommended to be treated with an antiseptic.

Roofing metal can be carried out both from left to right and vice versa. Put this overlap this material. The width of the overlap – one wave. The edge of the sheet should be at least four centimeters from the cornice. First, sheets are attached on the roof skate with self -tapping screws, leaving them one line. Then they are fixed in length. If the sheets do not join for some reason, you need to slightly raise the upper sheet and move it from the bottom up. The horse is closed by ridge elements, under which a special sealing gasket is laid. After such work, a construction examination should be carried out.

For fasteners of sheets, it is recommended to use self -tapping screws with a rubber seal. Such screws tightly press the sheet to the crate and water does not fall under them. Self -tapping screws are screwed under the transverse wave into its bend at an angle of 90 degrees.

It must also be added that all the sections of the metal tile and the head of the screws must be covered with anti -corrosion paint.

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