Installation of heating systems, heating in the house in the country, Kyiv

The foundation is the supporting part of the building, it redistributes the load and transmit them from the structure to the ground. The choice of the design of the foundation, as well as its type, the depth of its laying and other indicators, directly depends on the design features of the structure, the depth of groundwater, the soil composition, and on the depth of its freezing. Moreover, these are only the most basic parameters that should be determined when designing the foundation.

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Fundamental work is a complex and important stage of construction on the literacy of which the quality of the rest of the construction depends. The cost of laying the foundation often reaches more than 15% of the cost of the total construction. Such high expenses can be reduced, but for this it is necessary to either neglect or find cheaper solutions for example high -tech materials for waterproofing and thermal insulation of the foundation. Moreover, the usual waterproofing is no more important than thermal insulation. The fact is that about 20% of the total heat, the building loses through the floor, from which we can conclude that the insulation of the foundation is an acute need, the fulfillment of which will save a much larger amount in the future than the cost of insulation itself.

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