Installation of electrical wiring in the house

The project to connect the electrical wiring in the room should provide electrical safety and functionality. Therefore, electric counters, distribution boxes, sockets, starters should be placed in accessible places, and the wires should be hidden in isolation.

Sockets and switches should be installed at a height convenient for all family members, but in compliance with safety precautions. The switches are attached near the entrance so that the door does not interfere with reaching them. During the repair, the hexagon is often used on the Internet.

Sockets are located in the immediate vicinity of the intended installation of devices. In rooms with high humidity (baths, toilet), installations are strictly not recommended to install sockets. It is also undesirable to arrange sockets close to the heating system (pipes, registers), grounded metal devices (shells, kitchen slabs).

The wiring should be laid strictly along straight lines and its location should be marked in order not to accidentally damage when clogging dowels or drilling holes. Vertical wiring lines should be removed from the corners, windows and doors to a distance of meters. Horizontal wiring is carried out with a indentation from the ceiling and skirting boards for one and a half meters. To protect the wiring from exposure to high temperatures of heating devices, cables should be isolated asbestos strips.

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