If linoleum has swollen

Linoleum coating can be wiped over time and crack in places, there may be different damage in the form of ruptures, sometimes it simply peels off and swells in some places. If such defects in linoleum coatings occur, then it must be immediately repaired. If different cracks appear in it or it exploded in some places, then you need to replace it in these places with new. In the Ilana online store you can buy high-quality home textiles at competitive prices.

But what to do if it happened that in some places linoleum swelled, but it also happens quite often. In order to eliminate such defects, you need to pierce linoleum with an awl in places of bloating. This is done so that accumulated air comes out of these places. Then, in swollen places with the help of a syringe, you need to introduce liquid mastic or glue and crush these places with something heavy. If the linoleum swollen over the entire surface, then nothing will save it, a completely new coating crosser will be required.

Swelling or swelling of the linoleum most often occurs through the fact that waterproofing was disturbed at the base of the floor, so the new linoleum flooring should first restore the waterproofing layer of the base. If the tightness of the seams of linoleum is disturbed, then this can be corrected with a soldering iron that has a power of 100 W. To do this, you need to heat the damage found in the seam with a soldering iron, then smooth and smooth out a preheated surface with a metal spatula.

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