Hypsum cardboard frame

Not all rooms have even walls, especially for buildings of the Soviet period. After all, then attention was not particularly paid to the correct forms of the erected surfaces. In order to solve the problem of uneven walls, it is necessary to sheathe them using drywall. But before that it is necessary to assemble the frame to fix this finishing material. It depends on it geometrically even forms of the future wall. A metal profile is suitable for these purposes. This material is easily installed and also serves as a strong basis for such a design. First you need to pierce the hole in the surface of the wall with a punch. Further, using the dowel of nails, the profile itself is attached to it. It is very important to first with the help of a plumb line set the correct level of the entire structure relative to the wall. Recently, a rental of volumetric formwork of ceilings is often in demand is often carried out.

The distance between the wall and the metal structure should be at least 6 cm. In the cavity between drywall, various communications can be launched, such as electric wires, pipes, etc. D.. This is another plus of such a design, since you do not need to extradite the penalty for these works. Assembly of the frame for drywall, if desired, can be performed on your own. To do this, you must be patient and devote a little free time.

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