How to protect a car from a random hijacker

If you want to protect your car from a random hijacker, then for this you need to comply with a number of simple rules. So, in any case, do not store documents or other valuable things in the car interior. Each time, leaving the car even for a few minutes, do not forget to close the door to the lock or turn on the alarm. When the key is lost, you need to immediately change the core of the locks, the cost of BMW X5.

For parking, try to choose a crowded place, or if possible so that the car is constantly in your field of vision. Not in any case do not pick up random passengers, but if you have picked up, you should not tell them about the car protection system.

To make it difficult for the hijacker, the process is shut off the alarm system, in no case do not leave stickers on the glass of the car, manufacturer firms. Because, not knowing the exact brand of the system, the attacker will be much harder to turn it off. In order not to provoke the theft of the car, do not leave it with keys, in the ignition lock. Therefore, even going out for a couple of minutes, take the keys with you.

It is not recommended to leave the windows open. Drivers from open windows are especially suffered in the summer, because in the heat they are constantly opened and then very often forget to close them. But, unfortunately, in the summer to ride with closed windows is also very problematic. Therefore, try to bring to automatism the closing of windows.

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