How to choose earrings correctly?

How to choose earrings correctly?

Most of modern women wear earrings or clips. Properly selected products emphasize the depth of the eye color, stretch a round face, or vice versa soften too protruding cheekbones. The elegant earrings presented on our website are made of high -quality materials that do not cause allergies, are durable and reliable. The jewelry was made by highly qualified jewelers of the Krasnaya Presnya plant, which daily increase their skills and experience, create real works of art.

How to choose earrings?

When choosing jewelry, you need to consider:

one. Face oval.

Cool-faced girls should choose elongated products with hanging elements, for example, nittle earrings. The earrings made in the form of a square will be perfectly combined with a round face. Women who have the right oval of faces are suitable for any products. Pay attention to jewelry with natural stones, pearls, rings, vintage decorations.

2. Body type.

Girls with little growth can be advised not to choose elongated earrings, as they visually reduce the neck length of a miniature woman. And high ladies, on the contrary, are suitable for such products, since they have a large gap between the shoulder and the earlobe of the ear. Sprinking representatives of the weaker sex should wear square -shaped earrings, but not too heavy, because they can an ear, and they stretch the lobe when we wear, which looks very not aesthetically aesthetically pleasing.

3. Clothes

For everyday socks, choose convenient jewelry that do not bring discomfort. Earrings with small inserts of natural stones are perfect for use for every day. Spectacular, original, sparkling products will be appropriate at parties, in a club, holidays. It should be remembered that jewelry should not spoil the impression of you with your screaming look.

What are the earrings?

– Clips.

They are used by women who can not decide to pierce the earlobe.

– Rings.

Are a product in the form of a circle that can be worn every day. Ring earrings are distinguished in size and in the materials of manufacture. The jewelry will fit perfectly into the general ensemble of both the evening and working outfits.

– Elongated.

Products can be made in ethnic, modern, glamorous styles. They give mystery and uniqueness, emphasize the elegance of the neck.

– Large.

Earrings are decorated with various decorative materials, for example, metal inserts, skin, stones, gems. They will approach both evening outfit and clothes for walking with friends.

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