How to choose a musical wedding accompaniment?

Wedding is the most long -awaited event in the life of any woman. Therefore, the wedding celebration should be just perfect. And one of the components of a wonderful holiday is the cover of the group.

Some believe that it is enough to invite only one music group to the celebration. But in fact this is a big mistake. The wedding script is thought out in advance. And a variety of songs can be used on it – folk, pop, modern. Both funny and slightly sad melodies can sound. Agree that one group may simply not cope with such a load.

How to make a music program?

Ideally, it is worth inviting two or even three music teams. Of course, we must not forget about the DJs. Without it, the wedding celebration and its musical accompaniment will not be so memorable.

The music program itself should appeal to all guests of the wedding. Only modern youth songs should not include in the script if there are guests of middle and even elderly at the wedding. Therefore, the music should sound the most different. It is best to ask each guest on a separate leaflet to write the five songs that he likes, and then at the celebration from each of this list to choose one composition from one list. This will be the perfect musical accompaniment of the wedding event.

Do you need a pre -idle rehearsal of music? Yes, be sure to. DJ must definitely know at what point and what kind of music should sound. Therefore, it also must be familiarized with the script of the celebration.

Solve the issue and whether living music will sound or invited musicians can sing under the phonogram. Agree, living music is exactly what many people want to hear. Moreover, if it sounds the whole wedding day.

What should not be done?

Understanding that all people have different musical preferences, it is worth deciding for yourself what exactly should not be at the wedding. We list the main points:

Do not invite the Bayanist;

No need to use the music center. And if you still can’t do without it, then it is better to turn it on at the end of the wedding celebration;

It is not recommended to invite restaurant musicians. As a rule, it is very difficult to coordinate the program with them and they never play along with the toamade or the presenter.

It turns out that invited musicians for a wedding should already have at least some experience in this difficult matter. Although, if you are not afraid to take risks, then you can invite beginners. For the sake of getting your good review, they will definitely try.

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