How to choose a house project

From the very beginning it is necessary to decide on which material your house will be built. It is better to choose the most common in your city and usually the most affordable. Having decided, start considering the projects of the future home. Usually when you get a building permit in the architecture department, you may be offered several options for a choice. In the event that they do not suit you, purchase a catalog of typical projects of houses, which is intended specifically for individual buildings, which will be much easier to decide on the choice and start building. Recently, a steel sheet, profile pipes at a reasonable price has been often carried out.

A detailed study of the chosen project is required and pay attention to the cost of the house. It is worth considering that in such projects they usually indicate the price until 1991 and it will turn out to be customized for modern. Also, we must not forget that the more the layout of your home will resemble a square, the cheaper it will end up with you.

When choosing a project, study the location of the rooms that can be redone for more convenience. When determining the place where the toilet will be located, make it at about the same distance from each room in the house. If when designed, it turns out that on the ground floor there are too many rooms, they can be performed in the form of a separate extension to the house.

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