How to choose a car on the roof of the car

Greetings to you, friends. Those of you who like to travel by car have probably faced a problem when all the necessary things simply do not fit in the trunk. At the same time, it is impossible to find places for them in the cabin. In such a situation, a special plastic trunk can be a good solution – a car on the roof of the car. About him today will be discussed.

Autobox will reliably protect things from weather disasters

Additional trunk on the roof of the car were used earlier. However, there were plenty of inconvenience with such cargo transportation. Firstly, the luggage was open to all natural disasters. Secondly, this location significantly worsened the aerodynamics of the car, and accordingly affected the consumption of fuel. And, in addition, things were completely not protected from thief. Modern autoxes of all these shortcomings are deprived of. Made of durable plastic, they perfectly protect the transported cargo from any weather hardships. Made in various configurations and colors. You can choose a box that will harmoniously combine with the shape of the body and the color of almost any car. Autoboxes differ in shape and size, so that allows you to transport various goods, starting from everyday things and ending with ski equipment. Thanks to good aerodynamics, autoboxes can save up to 20% of the fuel compared to conventional car trunk. Universal mount allows you to easily and quickly install box on the roof.

What autocoxes on the roof of the car are

Autoxes are divided mainly into two types: hard and soft.

For the production of hard boxes, a special ABC is used – plastic. It is shockproof, not subject to corrosion, is not afraid of differences

Hard autoxes can be of various configurations and colors

temperature. Top copies are made of carbon fiber (carbon), which allows them to make them light and even more durable. Hard autocoxes due to their streamlined form have excellent aerodynamic qualities and practically do not create additional resistance when moving the car. For reliability, boxes are equipped with several locking devices. They record not only the box cover, but also the fasteners of the carbox to the base platform of the car. On the autokoxes of the high price category, it is possible to integrate its locking along with the car setting on the alarm. The box cover can be opened either vertically or in one of the sides (left or right). On expensive copies, hinges allow you to open the lid in both directions, which is very convenient, especially in parking lots. There are special stops with springs to hold the lid in the open state

Soft boxes are not so streamlined, but cheaper and easily add

Soft auto boxes are made of synthetic material, dense and waterproof. Compared to hard boxes, they have a significant drawback – poor aerodynamic qualities. Although they have special solid inserts to create an aerodynamic form. But their undoubted advantage is the low cost and the ability to add up when the need for it has disappeared. Such a box is attached using special fasteners.

By internal volume, car boxes are divided into three types: small – from 240 to 300 liters; medium to 500 liters; large, with a volume of more than 500 liters.

Auto boxes differ in the roof of the car and in length. They can be from 100 cm to 235.

Installation of car boxing

Car boxing is attached to the crosseships of a conventional car trunk or car railings. The versatility of fasteners allows them to be installed on any car brand. The installation procedure is described in detail in the instructions. But, nevertheless, we dwell on some important points. Ideally, we need to strive to ensure that the axis of the symmetry of boxing and the car coincide. Before installing the box, check the reliability of the tightening of the device itself, to which it will be mounted.

Autox selection criteria

The dimensions of the car box. First of all, you need to decide what cargoes you intend to transport in it. However, you should not get involved. Set boxes of more than 180 cm with a micro -lines is simply not safe. The small distance between the crossbars on the roof of the car simply will not allow to securely fix the box. So make the dimensions of your car with auto boxes dimensions.

2. How the boxing cover opens. Of course, this is more a secondary question. But, depending, again, from the dimensions of your car, it may not be at all idle.

boxes of a high price group can open on both sides

3. Boxing volume and its carrying capacity. Despite the dimensions of auto box, it is not recommended to load 70 kg of cargo into it with whiter. With the installed box, the center of gravity of the car will be shifted above, and therefore there are restrictions in the maximum speed for each auto box. As a rule, it should not exceed 130 km, the consumption can increase much more significant. However, as mentioned above, it is not recommended to drive at such speeds with autocox

Which manufacturer to choose

The most famous Swedish car boxes Thule are. This is certainly a world leader. Dutch hapro differ in good quality. Among Russian manufacturers, Atlant boxes look worthy, St. Petersburg St. Petersburg. Italian components are used for their manufacture, while they are inexpensive, but quite practical and reliable. There are many different manufacturers, including Chinese. Listing everyone in this article is simply not realistic. And the main criteria that need to be taken into account, I have already described.


Well, finally about the price. The cost of boxes starts at 8 thousand rubles. Perhaps there are cheaper, but I doubt that such an option should be considered at all. The normal autobox on the roof of the car of Thule will cost at least 15 thousand rubles. Not a few, of course, but you need to pay for quality. If you will use the autokox not every day, but only for short tourist trips, you can rent it. Day of rental will cost about 300 rubles.

Good luck on the roads!!!

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