How to choose a bath

The bath should be comfortable, so when choosing it is an important role, the shape, size and depth play. The area of ​​the room also affects the choice of the size of the room. The shape of the bath is close to the structure of the human body will allow you to accommodate as comfortable as possible in it. To increase comfort in some bath models, head restraints and armrests are provided.

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Three types of baths according to the manufacturing material are popular in the market:

Cast iron baths;

Steel baths;

Acrylic baths.

Sustainable cast -iron baths are large in weight (over 10 kg), which does not allow their use in the premises with a restriction of the load on the ceiling and complicates the transportation. Acrylic and steel baths, with a weight of 30-40 kg, are deprived of such shortcomings, but have a lesser life.

The cast -iron bathtub retains the temperature of the water for the longest, in steel and acrylic models, water cools faster. The most “noisy” are considered steel batteries. But the choice of the shape of the bath is much wider in acrylic and steel models, which is associated with the production technology. Cast iron baths are traditionally made mainly in the classic style. Thus, the choice of a bathtub model depends on the preferences of the owners, cast -iron classical models are more practical, but in aesthetically the advantage is acrylic baths.

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