How fashionable to dress after 30 years

The choice in favor of one or another clothing depends not only on the time of year and fashion trends, but also the age of its owner. What will look cute on a 18-year-old girl may look ridiculous at an older age. To avoid such incidents, we will consider the basic principles of the fashionable style for those for 30.

The first rule that should be followed is the appropriateness of your outfit. Remember that the daytime and evening image are always different. During the day too bright details and expressive accents should be avoided. For every day you can choose a dress of classic cut, complemented by an elegant handbag to match. Depending on the style, the image can be additionally decorated with a neck and jewelry. In the afternoon, it can be a modest chain with a pendant, and for evening outputs something more sparkling and elegant – a necklace with rhinestones, multi -colored beads, robbed stones. Correctly selected accessories can transform your usual suit beyond recognition. With the help of details and various elements, it can be made everyday or festive.

Among the general recommendations of stylists for the selection of the image are very extraordinary advice to fashionistas, who should listen to. So, if you have preserved things that you wore in your youth, do not rush to throw them away. If they are just to you, you can give them a second life, making only minor changes. For example, shabby youth jeans can be transformed by repainting them into a darker noble blue color. Wearing them with a classic white blouse, you will turn from a teenage girl into an elegant young woman. Such an outfit will be appropriate at work, and on a walk with friends, and at any unofficial event.

The right outfit for a young lady should not be too frank, even if you choose clothes for a party. If the dress is too short, avoid open shoulders, and if you like a deep neckline, stop your choice on the dress just above the knees. This will be enough to attract the attention of the opposite sex and at the same time not to be known as a vulgar special.

Tips on how to dress fashionably and stylish, you can find out on the site about fashion and beauty Fithealth. Here you will find many useful recommendations for young ladies from experts in the fashion world.

Any, even the most ordinary thing can become truly stunning, if you competently choose accessories and decorating elements. And most importantly, the clothes should sit well on you, which means that it should be selected taking into account the features of your figure.

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