Home protection during vacation

How to protect your property from robbery if you plan to leave for a long time?

one. Trust relatives or friends. Give the keys to the apartment to one of the loved ones. So that he takes out newspaper advertisements from the box, watering flowers and fed fish or cat. And turned on the light in the dark.

2. Rent an apartment. This option is good if you have nothing valuable. At the same time and earn a little. Convenient for those who leave for at least 6 months.

3. A rare service in our countries – trust management. The principal may be a management company or realt. At the same time, he does not receive the right to sell, only for rent. Treaty for trust management can be concluded for a period of year.

four. If the first 3 methods are not suitable for you, set a security alarm. When choosing a security company, check the availability of a contract with the police. If it is not, then the invasion will be reported in a general manner, that is, the police will come unknown when. The option of leaving certified guards of the company itself is also possible.

In this case, it is necessary to take care of the payment of utilities in advance. So that later you do not have to ride and deal with giant accounts, it is better to report in advance about the departure and freezing of accounts. Since if the data from the meters are not transmitted, they are accrued at the standard tariff.

5. Give for storage values, jewelry and money to the bank or good friends, relatives.

Prepare for leaving on vacation in advance and rest calmly!

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