Green construction!

Due to the decrease in the heat loss of the premises, using the technology of the EcoDoma, it is possible to significantly reduce the amount of energy consumed, using an integrated approach to improve the home, energy costs are reduced many times, if not more than saying anymore. With a competent approach to the multi -layer of thermal insulation of your house, increased tightness of the windows, as well as the use of supply and multi -layer ventilation system. To carry out construction, you will need to get a SRO allowance. In addition to reliable isolation, the room is equipped with autonomous energy sources, such as wind generators, wind farms, mini hydroelectric power stations, solar panels and inverters. A house equipped with such systems is automatically made independent of general, stationary communications. He himself is able to produce and save up to 95% of the energy necessary for his autonomy. To build such a house, environmental materials will be required – wood, brick, natural stone. Now attempts are being made to use inorganic garbage in the form of broken glass, waste concrete and metal. The use of natural materials in “green” construction significantly reduces, invisible to our eye, malicious radiation, which negatively affect the health of residents. The construction of ecological houses is the future of our planet, and the faster we realize it, the more significant our help in the purification and balance of our being will be!

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