Glazing the balcony

The balcony must be glazed with high quality and safe. All building materials should be high -quality and durable, and the appearance of the balcony should be beautiful. Mostly, you need to glaze the balcony if you are sure that you will perform it efficiently, and any element, whether it is snow, hail or wind, will not be able to bring down your structure. We recommend glazing aluminum.

The balcony can be glass in various ways, we will consider the simplest. It is necessary to inspect and approximately notice the existing supports and places of fasteners. As a rule, the balcony design itself serves as a floor, and the ceiling is a neighbor’s balcony from above. Be sure to think about safety and start with measurements, do not forget that the ceiling of the balcony should be made in parallel to its “floor”. Designate future frames. The design of the frames will completely depend on your taste and imagination.

It is initially necessary to sheathe the lower part of the balcony. The outer part can not be sheathed, and foaming, mounting foam and other building materials are well suited for internal lining. It is necessary to put frames with several people, since they are not quite light, and the installation process itself is a painstaking process. The number of frame mounts is many, you can choose the right.

It is also recommended to perform a metal visor to protect wood from water. After the connection and fastening of all frames, as well as the fastening of the frames among themselves, begin glazing the balcony. After the work done, it remains only to finish and insulate the balcony.

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