Front 3D: characteristics

There are a number of technologies in the modern world that can actually work miracles. If you want a fairy -tale underwater world in your bathroom to begin its existence or a huge coast stretches in the living room? Maybe a grass that would lie right in front of the sofa? All this is real with the help of bulk modern floors with 3D technology. If we consider this floor, you can find out that it consists of a regular pattern that is glued on the basis of concrete, on top of the whole product is covered with a bulk material made of polymers. As a result of all these processes, a seamless coating is obtained, which has a 3D effect. It will not be superfluous after the repair to purchase a children’s game complex.

As a picture for such a sex, anything can be used. For example, some geometric shapes, logos of firms, beautiful drawings. All this will look great in a transparent polymer, materials such as stone, wood, metal. If you want to make such a floor even more convenient and functional, then you can use the “warm floor” system. A diverse selection of colors and shades, as well as the possible use of a large version of materials in order to create bulk 3D floors, all this positions them as convenient and beautiful elements for decor. Many famous designers are happy to use such floors in their projects.

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