Forgotten sights of New York: interesting facts about popular places in the past

Probably every person is familiar with the film “Dirty Dancing”. In accordance with its plot, the girl and her parents were vacationing at a hotel called “Kellerman”. In fact, there was no such place, but a prototype existed. Places to Visit in NYC are very interesting. Let’s consider those resorts that are abandoned, and their glory is gradually fading.

Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel

This is exactly the prototype of the hotel from Dirty Dancing. It closed back in 1986, just a year before the film was released on the big screen. In 1914, this establishment was famous for its excellent cuisine and warm hospitality. The hotel flourished and developed, but now it is no longer possible to stay in its rooms.

Little Lodge

A small resort on the outskirts of the Borscht Belt, which is located next to the Livingston estate. It was founded back in 1923. Various events were held here, but now the Small Lodge stands abandoned. This is a real silent witness of that era that has sunk into oblivion.

Nevele Grand Hotel

A luxury resort in Ellenville that opened in 1901. In 2009, it ceased operations. This place was famous for its impressive golf course. The advertising was provocative, which attracted resort guests. President B. Johnson Lyndon even came here in the summer of 1996.

Vegetarian hotel

It was founded by Russian immigrant Fanny Schafer, who was seeking refuge after her workplace was destroyed by fire. Under her leadership, the hotel flourished until the 1940s. She then handed over the reigns to her son, but something went wrong, so the resort closed in the late 1980s.

Kusher’s Hotel and Country Club

It was founded in 1907 when Max and Louis Kutscher opened a farmhouse. In the 1920s, the establishment expanded into a full-fledged hotel. The peak of its development occurred in the 1950s. It was then that the hotel became a magnificent 400-room resort. There was a golf course, and the view of Lake Kiamsha caused genuine delight among the guests. The resort’s ballroom has become the stage for many famous comedic talents. However, in the 2000s, the hotel owners faced financial problems. Then Kutsher tried to save the situation by organizing the All Tomorrow’s Party music festival.

All these places you should definitely see. These abandoned resorts could have flourished in our time, but the owners failed to overcome the difficulties and continue to develop the business!

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