Features of the use of linoleum

Today you can find many homeowners who are trying to repair with the help of extremely practical, unpretentious and at the same time economical materials. Unfortunately, there are not so many of them. One of them can be considered linoleum. Like half a century ago, at the moment it is very popular. Now the sports rubber coating is also of great popularity, which is distinguished by durability and resistance to mechanical influences.

Its prevalence can be without much difficulty explained by the fact that it costs little, does not require serious care and fit without special problems. Linoleum has always been considered a safe material for health. It should also be taken into account that today there are a lot of execution options.

Although linoleum looks like artificial material, it includes natural substances. For example, limestone has always been used for its production. A variety of surfaces are suitable for laying linoleum. It can be concrete floor and wooden foundations. But the surface must be even.

If there are any irregularities on the basis of the floor, they will certainly take a break after Linoleum is bedding. Before directly laying, the floor covering should be left in the room for a couple of days. Linoleum can glue both around the perimeter of the roll, and throughout its area.

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