Fashion trends in lighting: how to make the right choice

The bulb was invented a long time ago. Today, so that the room has its own unique character and always pleases, you need to choose the perfect lamp. Designer lamps stand out among the described products by uniqueness and style.

When choosing lamps to create an ideal atmosphere in any room, one should not forget about fashion trends 2014. All the lamps presented in the Illuminator store are the standard of taste and style. But, preferring a particular model, we must not forget about the main selection criteria:

• Lamps: minimalism in the interior or other style, the chandelier must fit into it without falling out of the general design concept. For the high-tech style or also minimalism, you should choose light ceiling or suspended lamps with a large number of bulbs. For children’s rooms, options with a large number of plafon and small details on it are suitable;

• Finnish -made lamps in the modern market are gaining more and more popularity and are appreciated along with the Italian and Danish products of this category, while they have a more affordable price. The objects of this category are always striking and become the highlight of the room;

Choice depending on the color

Vintage lamps, ultramodern or simply classic models should not only be a decoration of the interior and bring light into it, they must also correctly divide the space into zones. The correct activation of the zone implies not only the correct location of the light source, but also the choice of its certain color up to a unique shade. In Feng Shui, the philosophy of harmony, each side of the world has its own color scheme:

• in the premises overlooking the north, lamps with blue elements will look best;

• For the southern windows, you need to pay attention to red models;

• East and southeast preferably decorated in green;

• the color of the West and the north-west is a metal tint, as well as muffled white;

• yellowish lighting is ideal for rooms, the windows of which overlook the northeast or southwest;

It doesn’t matter at all, lamps in the loft style or classic style are selected, much more important to listen to your own taste and opinion, in the implementation of the final choice. All designer lamps can be compared with works of art therefore surprise to the beauty and fiction of designers – this is a natural reaction. The reaction, which in the end should be fixed by a successful purchase.

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