Faithful friends of a unique image

Faithful friends of a unique image

The main problem of all women: there is nothing to wear! At the same time, there are a lot of things in the wardrobe:

Tired of wearing, although I still like it;

I put on last season, which means that this is no longer fashionable;

it became not enough or great, but suddenly someday to return to me the same size.

With the last “problem” can only be figured out with the help of time. But to breathe life into already fed or forgotten dresses, a blouse with a skirt, trousers and other wardrobe items can be very simple and easy. With the help of suitable accessories.

How to choose them to make your image stylish, and not ridiculous. Simple rules will help:

No excess. do not stand on yourself all in a row. One, but bright and appropriate accessory is able to transform the outfit beyond recognition, while variegated will look absurd;

relevance. What is appropriate at a party is not suitable at work or beach accessories will be unlikely to be combined with a business style. The office is the best option for the office, but you should not be too strict. Within reasonable limits, jewelry is quite acceptable;

Game with color. Even a strict business style can be “softened” with some accessory (for example, a handbag or scarf) of a brighter gamut;

Single style when choosing several jewelry. They should be similar in design, execution. The exception may be shocking style;

combination. Despite the fact that now more and more often shoes are “tied” to color and design, accessories suitable for shoes, boots or sandals will look more profitable.

Accessories are very diverse. Conditionally, you can divide on jewelry (rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hair), clothing items (scarf, belt), handbags and glasses. You can buy them without even leaving your home, through an online store. There is definitely what is right for you. After all, one of the rules for creating your own style is also worth remembering that accessories should be selected for yourself, and not because it is fashionable and everyone walks like that.

In addition, accessories must also be worn correctly. Here are a few examples. If the bracelet is on the hand, then there should be the perfect manicure. Volumetric earrings and in the form of rings do not go to girls who have a round face and massive physique. Although if you put them on an evening dress with a triangular neckline, you get just a chic option.

Accessories give a new life to things. The main thing is to choose and wear it exactly for you, so that the image turns out to be bright and unforgettable. One that will not go unnoticed even in the crowd of a multimillion -dollar metropolis.

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