Facade decoration.

The facade of the building is his face and how he looks, much depends on the method of finishing. There are several main materials for decoration of buildings: facing brick, natural stone, ceramic tiles, panels (facing panels and siding), fiber cement slabs and plaster. Consider specifically each material separately.

Brick facing, it can be quite diverse in shape and color. The brick is usually burned to give it certain properties, thanks to which it becomes strong and durable.

Natural stone belongs to expensive materials, in addition, it weights the construction of the building, which entails an additional load on the foundation.

Ceramic tiles look good as decor, with the right selection of the entire composition. In addition, tile lining serves as a protection against environmental exposure and increases fire resistance.

The panel finish consists in installing siding or panels, mainly polymer materials such as villa, polypropylene or other. Polymers. These materials are quite durable and are of environmental friendliness and minimal care.

Fiber cement slabs consist of cement of mineral fillers and cellulose. Such plates do not burn and do not succumb to mold and fungus, also have frost resistance.

Plaster that can be different. For example, ordinary cement or multi -layer. Consisting of a layer of isolation, a reinforcing layer and a layer of itself plaster itself, which is applied from above.

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