Elite entrance doors

Choosing the front door, each buyer applies his criteria, which are divided into basic and auxiliary. As the main one, quite often is the appearance than the reliability of the canvas or the locking system.

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As a rule, women do this, because beauty has always been important for the weaker and continues to remain such. But this approach is fundamentally not true, for the reason that a beautiful and unreliable door will not only not save from hacking, but also attract an attacker. Although of course an ugly piece of metal with a handle will not look quite elegant. As a way out of the situation, you can use elite doors, which are both beautiful and reliable. Such doors are made using special technologies, their canvases do not even have seams.

The design of these doors consists of a durable frame and beyond the durable canvas, which is intensely with numerous stiffeners. The elite doors simply have no equal in their keyhole, the most advanced shut -off mechanisms are always installed in them, and there are always two of them. It is worth noting that these two castles work independently of each other. That is, to open them, different keys are needed. And therefore the thief will need to spend twice as much time.

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