Electrical equipment for rooms with humidity

The use of electrical appliances in the bathroom, bathroom, pool and other rooms with high humidity is customary to limit. At the moment, new technologies make it possible to make equipment protected from moisture. Manufacturers can offer lamps, household appliances, electrical installation products (forks, outlets, switches), which have a different degree of protection.

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Protection against moisture can have several levels: there is no completely, protect from vertical drops of water, rain, from spray, jets, sea waves, immersion in water and have complete waterproofness.

In rooms with high humidity, lighting devices are used with moisture protection in the form of a sealed housing and a ceiling. They can be both wall and ceiling. The degree of their protection is indicated on the packaging.

Rosettes with moisture protection have a sealed cover, which securely closes the contacts. If the socket is not used, the cover should be closed. It can be built -in or invoice.

Powerful protection of household appliances in rooms with high humidity is provided by a complex, which includes a moisture -proof outlet, cable and automatic protective shutdown device. The device is mounted isolated so that in the accident, not de -energize the whole house.

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