Climona style – choosing successful women

Climona style – choosing successful women

Russian Climona women’s clothing manufacturer has been selling its products for more than ten years. The company’s sales system is a network of company stores located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Samara, Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Novgorod

Clothing of impeccable quality and perfect cut

A team of Russian, French and Italian designers participates in the development of brand collections. Elegant costumes, fashionable jackets, blouses and other indispensable elements that form a holistic style of a successful woman, sew from European materials of the highest quality in the company’s own factories. Each new collection offers approximately 250 models corresponding to any taste and lifestyle. Thematic collections are produced: outfits for a wedding, graduation ball, New Year, for travel. There are models for stately women (sizes 52-54). Graceful silhouettes, meticulously verified, laconic lines of the cut, expensive high -quality materials and a thorough selection of color scheme allow the company to offer fashionable clothes, which becomes a worthy addition of even the most exquisite wardrobe.

Climona stores: stylish clothes, original design and the highest level of service

Each Climona store is designed taking into account the experience of leading world designers. In beautiful trading halls, illuminated using modern technologies, pleasant music sounds. Mirrors, cozy chairs, photographs on the walls, fresh flowers allow you to feel at home. Goods are conveniently represented here: not only fashionable clothes, but also shoes, bags, a number of accessories. Congle consultants are always ready to help in choosing your unique style, style and color scheme, tell about fashion trends. Clients have the opportunity to purchase new products in the weather and season, since the range is updated every week. Thanks to the system of discounts and sales in Climona salons, last year’s collections do not fly up for a long time, freeing up to new fashion trends.

In the outfit from this brand you can appear at any celebration, in the theater and guests.  Climona ¾Stil is not actresses of Hollywood, but women of Russia who are perfectly oriented in the world of fashion and who want to remain bright, noticeable and confident in any environment. Therefore, in different years, those Russians who are proud of the country ¾ Tatyana Navka, Anastasia Stotskaya, Olga Cabo and other girls whose taste is much closer than shocking outfits of Lady Gaga and Madonna became proud of the company.

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