Checking the economic qualities of the machine.

One of the parameters characterizing the technical condition of the motor is the operational consumption of fuel. It depends to a large extent on climatic conditions, the mode of movement (frequency and range, load, speed) and perfection in driving a car (motorist qualification). Because of this, it is impossible to objectively judge the technical condition of the machine by the consumption of fuel and, especially, the state of the motor, since the serviceability of the running part of the machine is largely affected by the fuel consumption.

One of the main indicators of the technical condition of the motor is the control consumption of fuel. The control consumption is measured by determining the consumption of fuel (1 liter per 100 kilometers) in a car moving at a speed of 90 kilometers in 60 minutes with a proper chassis. The measurements are performed on a area with a length of more than 5 kilometers when moving at an unchanged speed in two directions opposite to each other, several times in each direction.

Fuel to the carburetor, while you need to serve from a special measured flask. Measurements are carried out only after the motor is functioning in normal thermal mode. Counted consumption is attributed to a given speed. The real speed should not deviate from the set by more than 1 kilometer per hour. With a working engine, the control consumption of fuel does not exceed the consumption indicated in the technical characteristics.

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