Cast fence. Cast iron fence.

Approaching a private house, the first thing that catches your eye is a fence. On it you can determine a lot about the owner of the house. For example, its taste, well -being and partly the character of the owner. Nowadays, the fence is no longer considered a security structure, rather it is already part of the decor of a residential building.

But for many years, cast fences have an advantage over others. They can be made from two materials – from concrete and from cast iron. A combined appearance is also possible where there are concrete pillars and a cast -iron middle. We advise you to pay attention to the automatic gates that can be found on this site.

The appearance and strength of cast -iron casting completely depends on the composition of the metal. If the manufacturing technology of cast iron is violated, then it is unsuitable for the fence. The accuracy of casting forms also affects the quality. To improve the quality in preparation for staining, sandblasting is used. Well, the quality of the process of casting itself has an unimportant effect.

Cast fences made of cast iron attract consumers with their strength. They give their owner a complete sense of safety and security. Such fences do not need special care. They need to paint them about five years.

The biggest drawback of such a fence is that its price significantly exceeds the prices of other materials. Therefore, not everyone can afford such a luxury as a cast fence made of cast iron.

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