Burning polymer floors

Bulk floors are fundamentally new, modern flooring technology. Most often, such floors are arranged in public premises, however, they can be used for decoration in residential buildings, like covering the floor in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Today, many people in Minsk buy heating boilers on the Aeri website. . By clicking on the following link, you can get information about the proposed heating boilers reviews of people.

Filling the floor will occur in several stages:

• removal of the old flooring material;

• surface cleaning of pollution, remains of old glue or paint;

• processing with a special repair mixture;

• Paul filling;

• His drying.

The advantages of the bulk floor

Such a coating has a perfectly smooth surface, has no seams and cracks, it can be of any color. In addition, it has the following advantages:

• high strength;

• wear resistance;

• high strength;

• durability;

• resistance to aggressive chemicals;

• Attractive appearance.

Bulk polymer floors with a 3D effect

Today, polymer floors have received new life thanks to 3D technologies. Floors with this effect are widely used by designers to create unique and bright interiors.

Floors of this species are not only very beautiful, but also strong. Their service life is more than ten years. They are easy to wash, wear -resistant, and their decorative qualities are difficult to overestimate.

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