Bathroom repair, main stages

Everyone who starts repairs with your own hands cannot decide where to start it, and in this article we will try to figure out the main stages of the repair of the bathroom.

If you make an apartment repair and want to finish the premises with a drywall, then we advise you to follow the following link where you will find a phased instructions for the decoration process with a drywall.

And at the very beginning, the sequence of work should be determined. And first you need to dismantle old pipes and plumbing, as well as remove paint from the walls and ceiling. Also, many at this stage carry out work to increase the area of ​​the bathroom, and in this case it is worth considering access to communications.

When these works are completed, we should think about finishing work, and begin to level the walls and ceiling, after primer, we also use moisture -resistant drywall when aligned. On the floor it is necessary to make a cement screed. Now you can start finishing the room, here you can choose ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles, as well as vinyl coating. For walls here you can use plastic panels, moisture -resistant paint or tiles. The ceiling can also be painted or applied special panels, as well as make a stretch or suspended ceiling. As a light for the bathroom, you can use spotlights that have high moisture protection.

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