Basic rules for laying metal tiles

Today, in the building materials market, the metal tile occupies one of the leading places among the roofing coatings. Two factors are said in her favor – high operational indicators and ease of installation.

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The laying process itself includes several stages.

Preparatory stage – dozen. The metal tile is laid on a special wooden structure, which in turn is attached to the beams of the ceiling overlap. The strength of the overall structure depends on the strength.

The second stage – directly laying metal tiles. There are nuances here – the direction of laying: from top to bottom. Pay attention to the tools. For cutting it is best to use a hacksaw for metal or scissors, but, in no case, a grinder. The fact is that tools with abrasive cutting elements damage the protective layer that protects the material from corrosion.

As a fastener, preferably roofing screws with a special rubber “collar”, which are easily twisted with a screwdriver and with a certain interval.

The process of installing a metellocerepic roof itself is quite simple, you just need to follow certain rules and adhere to the recommendations of specialists.

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