BA-Z (1933-1936.)

BA-Z (1933-1936.)-medium serial cannon armored car with more powerful weapons on the elongated form of Ford-Timken. The first copy was developed at the Izhora plant and built in April 1933. Serially produced since October 1934. The wheelbase of the chassis (the distance from the front axle to the center of swing of the rear trolley) was slightly increased (from 3200 to 3220 mm), the base of the rear trolley increased to 1016 mm (76 mm).

As the website of your Stavropol Vahstavropol reports. , The armored car was supplied with a coal of steel with a thickness of up to 8 mm and a cylindrical full-wheel tower from the T-26 tank with a 45 mm gun and a DT machine gun, the second machine gun was placed in the frontal sheet. All wheels were supplied with pneumatic tires in size 6.50–20, and the lateral freely rotated “spare wheels” allowed to overcome high and deep barriers.

Removable caterpillars stored on the hind wings, if necessary, were put on the rear wheels in 10-15 minutes. A 5820 kg combat weight of 5820 kg developed on roads with a solid coating speed of 70 kmh. The margin was 248 km. In December 1934, an experienced railway armored car was built BA-3 railway car with interchangeable metal wheels on rails. Before the beginning of 1936, 174 BA-3 armored vehicles were collected. In 1938-1940, the BA-3 armored bills were rearranged on GAZ-AA.

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