At what depths are sewer pipes and partnership code Instaforex

The effectiveness of the operation of the sewer system depends on the correct choice of the depth of the pipes laying. The cost of arranging external communications is also determined by the scale of earthwork. The most appropriate level of deepening is the compliance with the minimum technical parameters presented for a certain area. By clicking on the following link, you can find out the partner code Instaforex.

The optimal choice of the depth of the installation of pipes is necessary to prevent freezing of the system in winter and prevent the possibility of external mechanical influences. With a decrease in the required depth of styling, a set of measures to warm pipes will be required. The standard laying depth for pipes up to 5 cm in diameter is 0.3 m, a larger diameter of the pipes involves a depth of 0.5 m.

It is possible to completely prevent the possibility of damage to the system by various vehicles by deepening the system up to 1.5 m. Regulatory documents provide for a general requirement for all types of sewer pipes – at the depth of styling up to 0.7 m requires mandatory protection of pipes from mechanical influences and freezing. The depth of the gathemer laying is determined by thermotechnical and static calculations. In practice, it is possible to determine the optimal depth of laying based on the experience of installing sewer systems in the region.

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