Application of liquid wallpaper

And again repairs. And one of its components is the application of wallpaper. People with hot temperament, as a rule, do not like the procedure for adhesives of wallpaper. However, there is a way out of this situation.

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And here the question arises, how to do high -quality work, while also saving. Liquid wallpapers are just the same as such a category of goods. At the same time, they have one of the property important for domestic hostesses – resistance to dust accumulation.

Convenience in working with liquid wallpaper is that they do not require any wall treatment before application, which significantly reduces the time. At the same time, they hide any minor irregularities of the surface, which also appropriately facilitates their application.

It is allowed, it is even recommended to immediately arrange the surface with a water -based wallpaper before applying liquid wallpaper, but it should be taken into account so that the color coincides with the color of the wallpaper itself.

When applying liquid wallpaper to achieve an ideal even surface, neighboring stripes, or rather their joints, must be wetted with water. The convenience of these wallpapers lies in the fact that if there is any site damage, you can not begin to glue the wallpaper over the entire surface of the room, but replace this section, re -apply a layer of liquid wallpaper.

Also, liquid wallpaper can be applied even to metal surfaces, while it should be treated with a moisture -proof composition.

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