Advantages and disadvantages of extended hair

Always and at all times the luxury and beauty of female hair drove crazy men and was the subject of the envy of rivals. And, if earlier the fair sex had to be content with the natural beauty of the hair, now, in the age of great opportunities, each young lady has the right to choose the length, color, as well as the volume of their own hair.

This choice was possible thanks to the technologies of building artificial curls. This procedure in today’s beauty salons is very, very in demand. And this is not without reason. Not every girl has “angelic” patience to grow her own hair. This process is long and tedious, and if the density of its own hair also “pumped up”, then it does not make sense at all.

A completely different matter is luxurious long thick hair, so temptingly flowing on the shoulders. Their beauty is undeniable and surpasses all expectations. In addition, artificial hair is not damaged with hot ways. That is, to pull them with an iron or lay them with a hairdryer can be without fears.

If you find a real professional who makes hair extensions inexpensively and neatly, then this process can benefit native curls. The fact is that under the weight of artificial strands, hair bulbs tensed, which is a kind of charge for them. This subsequently leads to the fact that its own hair begins to fall less.

But behind all the obvious advantages of this procedure, a number of significant disadvantages are hidden. Firstly, capsules with which artificial curls are attached to real hair are very noticeable. And, if a girl has increased sensitivity, then for her wearing such capsules will turn into a real test.

Secondly, the place of hair connection is visible to the naked eye. Unnoticed capsules remain only if the hair is not touched. In the case when the weather is windy on the street or just wanted to make a high hairstyle with open roots, the capsules will be very noticeable.

Thirdly, an extensive luxury requires special care. Combing such beauty should be extremely neat and not from the roots. Otherwise, you can tear out locks of non -native hair. Wash them with the same scrupulousness. And before bedtime, such hair must be carefully collected in a net or braid into a braid.

Well, fourthly, hair extension does not apply to cheap procedures at all. The process itself will cost the future owner of a chic hair in a tidy sum, and even a monthly correction will cost about half the main procedure.

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