Adidas against Black Lives Matter Logo Registration

Branded sneaker manufacturer Adidas has asked the U.S. Trademark Office to reject an application for a Black Lives Matter (BLM) trademark with three parallel stripes.

The company claims that the logo can mislead customers.

On Monday, the German company Adidas said that the design of the three yellow stripes of the Black Lives Matter Global Network would create confusion with its own famous three-stripe logo. She wants to block the application for the use of BLM design on T-shirts, hats, bags.

Adidas stated that they have been using their logo since 1952, and that it has gained “international fame and huge public recognition,” writes Reuters.

Since 2008, the company has filed more than 90 lawsuits and signed more than 200 settlement agreements related to the three-stripe logo.

The Black Lives Matter movement, which arose in the wake of protests against police violence against the black population, in November 2020 filed an application for a federal trademark – three yellow parallel stripes. They are going to be used on various goods, including printed products, clothing, bags, bracelets and mugs. The U.S. Trademark Office has given the BLM movement a deadline of May 6 to respond.

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