A variety of repairs for any refrigeration equipment in Los Angeles

Refrigeration equipment is necessary in almost any business. Devices of this type are operated continuously and are subject to significant loads. In California’s hot climate, failure of units can lead to significant losses. To call reliable technicians and quickly fix problems, you can order repairs on https://larefrigeration.com/commercial/commercial-refrigeration-repair/.

Main types of services

The Los Angeles-based company offers a variety of repairs for all types of refrigeration equipment. Among its services are:

  1. Repair of commercial equipment involved in food refrigeration, ice makers, systems for beer, wine, flowers.
  2. Repair of refrigerated display cases and shelves, freezers for store sales areas, salad bars in cafes and restaurants.
  3. Installation and repair of air conditioning systems.
  4. Installation and maintenance of ventilation systems.
  5. Carrying out work for equipment that has a manufacturer’s warranty.

All models of the world’s leading manufacturers are serviced, regardless of the year of manufacture and condition of the equipment.

LA Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Co is ready to assist any organization or businessman operating in Los Angeles and surrounding communities. The list is available on the company’s official website. You can check the possibilities by calling. Managers will provide detailed, comprehensive advice on all issues.


The company has been operating on the market for more than 35 years. During this time, she acquired connections, gained a reputation, and established herself among service consumers as a conscientious, reliable performer.

Usually, the visit and repairs are carried out on the day the customer contacts us, because downtime of such equipment is unacceptable. The company’s management and its employees understand this, so they solve problems quickly and at a high level of quality. All orders are accepted around the clock, excluding holidays and weekends. A team or technician can go to the site immediately after placing an order to resolve the repair issue immediately.

The company has a staff of experienced craftsmen equipped with the necessary equipment and machinery, which allows them to perform work of any complexity. All repairs take place at the customer’s premises, which reduces downtime for units and business.

Only proven parts are used for repairs; a guarantee is given for the operation of the equipment after carrying out actions of any complexity.

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