A new Suzuki Baleno hatchback will enter the markets of a hundred countries

The whole world flew around and excited the news that dealers around the world from October 21 began to accept the updated version of the Hatchback of the famous Japanese manufacturer. Thus, the company opened the veil of secrets over plans for the near future: the new model will enter the markets more than one hundred countries, and the start of sales in some of them will be at the beginning of next year.

By this time, the potential buyer will have the opportunity to know the updated model, as they say, in details. By the way, the novelty promises to pleasantly surprise the future owners no less than it can surprise the selection of tires and discs on the brand of the tire car.

Meanwhile, the list of countries that froze in anticipation of new receipt remains unilved, the only thing that can be approved with 100%reliability is that the model will be accepted by India. The price tags for a new car remain unconviable, although interest in it is growing every day.

But a little more is known about the technical part: under the hood of the machine, a 1.2 liter engine with a hybrid installation or, borrowed from one Italian car concern, a 1.3-liter diesel unit borrowed from a hybrid installation will justify.

In the spring, an absolute leader will come to Russia – a state employee in the world

In the spring of next year, the Russian car market will be replenished with a unique vehicle – the cheapest vehicle in the world created by the Indian company Bajaj Auto. The name of the model sounds like QUTE, and its serial production started last month. Already in winter, according to the Autosalery portal, referring to its sources, a small-sized 4-seater car can be seen on Russian roads passing road tests.

As well as tire materials, materials, details and nodes for its creation were selected, despite all budgets, with knowledge of the matter.

The result was a compact car, the parameters of which are impressive of their insignificance. What costs only a length equal to 2.752 meters and a one -cylinder engine capable of delivering only thirteen and a half horsepower (on gasoline). The total weight of the “baby” is 400 kilograms, and the maximum speed that such a baby can “afford” is limited to seven thousand kilometers per hour.

In the homeland of QUTE is sold for about two thousand dollars, which is almost a thousand less than the cost of the previous low -budget leader Tata Nano, also produced by an Indian company.

One of the debutants of the Frankfurt car dealership will be the version of Nissan Navara for Europe

Nissan announced its intention to bring the European version of the Navara Pickup to the Frankfurt motor. The event will take place in September.

A new picap generation in Europe will be sold under the NP300 index. So far, the automaker does not report how this car will differ from the global version. Experts suggest that the novelty will receive only minor external changes, and its line of motors will become less.

Recall that the world premiere of Nissan Navara took place last year in the summer. To create a pickup, the company used a modernized chassis with sheet springs and a modified rear bridge. The loading platform and clearance were also increased, the radius of the turn was reduced. Inside the car has changed slightly – only the new architecture of the central panel is striking in the eye.

Modern technology in security video surveillance

Today in the world there are a wide variety of trends in ways to transmit signals with video image. Moreover, the technologies of security systems and communications are being improved every day, offering the market all the best and more simplified technologies at affordable prices.

Depending on the existing types of decisions for the transfer of the video signal, they share security video equipment. To begin with, the existing ways to transmit a signal from the video cameras to the base stations – DVRs – are diverse and perform various functions.

For example, many solutions are used primarily in order to control financial injections on existing technologies. In fact, the main advantage of signal transmission is to save on the infrastructure and the need to buy an additional place to store data.

Consider the five popular solutions that are today the most optimal in the issues of wired signal transmission.

1) Technology of high -resolution video HD SDI using fiber. In this technology, a signal with a video image is transmitted using a special coaxial cable. The video can be broadcast to a distance of up to 200 meters, which today is an absolutely acceptable distance.

2) the transfer of the video signal by a twisted pair. This type of signal is used using a special product line of Lan Power Systems. The manufacturer offers solutions that are multi -channel.

3) Ether technology using a coaxial cable. Since today IP video surveillance is very popular and in demand, the need to use Ether to transmit video images is increasing. With such IP technology, video cameras can receive Poee power and transmit video signal by the same cable.

4) Ether by transmitting the image by coaxial or fiber -optic cable. The famous company Sigura Eco Plug is engaged in such a technology. Video is transmitted at maximum speed.

5) transmission of video images by a twisted pair. An example of this technology is Lan Power Systems.

Depending on the tasks of the security system, it is necessary to select the type of equipment. Naturally there are several types of wireless data transmission channels. So you can organize wireless video surveillance based on Wi-Fi, GSM, 3G, 4G and radio channels technologies.

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