1000 and 1 accessory of a modern fashionista

What is the fashionable and stylish image made of? Undoubtedly, bright and beautiful clothing is the main component of the ensemble, but it is precisely that the accessories are able to complete the image and make it a holistic.

Fashion accessories – are there any frames and templates?

How many accessories should be for a fashionista? Nobody can name the exact number, but most women agree that the more accessories and jewelry, the more original and fashionable ensembles can be made up.

The latest collections of famous brands showed that fashionable women’s accessories are very original and catchy jewelry, the design of which is distinguished by creativity and even shocking.

The most relevant accessories of the season


The undoubted favorite of designers is a belt. Without this accessory, not a single fashion collection of brands was done! Stylish and original female belts became the main accent in fashionable images. The trend has a variety of belts and belts, from elegant worships in retro style to wide belts in the style of bike. Therefore, true connoisseurs of capricious fashion need to replenish your wardrobe with several diverse models at once.

Wrist watch

With a light hand of designers, the wristwatch has become one of the most relevant accessories of the season. This female decoration will be represented both by male style models with metal bracelets, and for hours in the style of a romantic with exquisite floral decor. Fashion watches are generously decorated with rhinestones, rivets and buckles.

Bracelets ..

… until they go out of fashion and is still relevant to wear several bracelets at once on one hand. The most fashionable bracelets of the season are models from intertwined leather straps, as well as very wide metal bracelets. Many metal bracelets have skillful engraving and resemble luxurious originals of antiquity.


Is there a massive necklace of crystals and rhinestones in your wardrobe? If not, this year it is obliged to appear! It is noteworthy that such jewelry does not complement the evening ensemble, but everyday. The necklace is worn over shirts and blouses. Also trend wide flat metal necklaces and necklaces in the form of a crescent.

Fashion earrings –

– These are maxi jewelry. The trend is voluminous pendants decorated with colored azure, rhinestones and natural stones. For this fashion accessory, the topic of folklore is very characteristic, so the earrings have a fantasy ornament and decor.

Do not forget that accessories are not only a tribute to fashionable directions, but also an opportunity to emphasize their personality and charisma.

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