Facade decoration

In order to form the architectural and artistic appearance of the building, it is important to take care of many details, including the stylistic design of the facade.

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Materials for the decoration of the facade are used by a variety of different ones, so it is important to find the optimal solution when choosing them, to take into account both beautiful design, and technology, functionality, as well as high operational properties. The material for the facade should be resistant to atmospheric exposure, mechanical strength, simplicity and ease of installation, long service life, fire safety, safety for people and the environment, ease of operation and other characteristics.

The development of industry led to the appearance of materials on the construction market, which almost fully comply with the above requirements and give the building an original appearance.

For example, panels made on the basis of stone wool, which, in addition to durability, strength, environmental safety, and flexibility, which allows you to create unique facades of an unusual shape. In addition, their color scheme is diverse, there is the possibility of cutting on such panels of inscriptions, which also serve as the coloring of the building.

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